koshas workshop

the journey within: working with the koshas

with john calabria

6:30 - 8:30pm

For more information or to register, please contact mjmarchand@gmail.com, call 978-726-9170 or register here



Great for students who want to deepen their practice, and teachers who want to enrich their classes...



Much of Yoga happens beneath the level of ordinary awareness. In this focus-class, We'll breathe, move, and meditate, while delving deep into the layers of our being, dissolving the blocks we’ve placed in the way of our happiness and wellbeing. This practice will reveal your truest nature. All levels welcome.


In Yoga speak, we'll explore our Koshas, the five sheaths of a being, peeling back the veils, to reveal our innermost self; SatChitAnanda. truth, consciousness, and bliss. We'll learn a Mantra that can snap you right back there in an instant. You'll leave with a clearer understanding, and experience, of how Yoga practice can condition, balance, and nourish our subtle bodies within. Great for students who want to deepen their practice, and teachers who want to enrich their classes. In his twelfth year of teaching, john calabria realizes that we are as inwardly vast as the teachings. We must write our truths in pencil, as our practice reveals the subtle that lives beneath the subtle. There is no center, keep going, and live your practice.



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john calabria left his successful engineering career, to wage peace on the world by living the golden rule, teaching the whole of Yoga, and saying yes to speaking gigs nationally and locally. “I simply offer what is unfolding in my own practice, sharing the insights as they are revealed to me.” -j He’s an ethical Vegan, Wellness Educator, okay-enough musician, and long-time practitioner of meditation and Yoga techniques. This is not the Yoga you may have tried before. Known for his innovative – uplifting and inspiring classes, john teaches what he lives, and helps others to find peace and happiness in their lives. “I do what I love, for people who love what I do.” -j john works internationally to help people and animals in need, Has helped to found several thriving Vegan events, and currently serves on the board of Maple Farm Animal Sanctuary. a great place to bring children.











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